Providing designs and services for Temperature Sensor or Thermocouple.
We provide types of Thermocouple such as type K, Type R, Type S and so on with high quality of T/C wire from abroad.
We also design the control panel and PLC control by Mitsubishi's team.

Temperature Controller / PLC Control

To provide service, sell, design, make to order, improve all kind of work on temperature control and deisgn, modify, improve PLC Control work.

Complete set of Thermocouple & Protection Tube (si3N4)

Thermocouple complete set for molten aluminium 
• Thermocouple Type K 
• Si3N4 Tube ( JMC BRAND )
• Size 28/16 mm. L=400 mm., L=500 mm., L=600 m., L=800 mm., L=1000 mm.

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