Application and Materials

Wire Conveyor Belting System
 We import and distribute wire converyor belting system from Japan, Taiwan, USA, for
various kinds of application such as heat treatment industry, food industry and so on.
  There are many grades such as SUS 310S, 314M, Inconel and so on.
 We also do the maintenance, installtion or repairing of the converyor belt. 
  บริการจำหน่าย นำเข้า สายพานโลหะเกรดพิเศษจากต่างประเทศ เช่น Japan , Taiwan , ฯลฯ โดยมีโลหะเกรดพิเศษ เช่น SUS 310S , 314M หรือ
Inconel , also design , install , repair Conveyer System. We import and distribute wire conveyer belting system from Japan ,
Taiwan for vatious kinds of application such as heat treatment insudtry , food industry and so on. There are many grades
such as SUS 310S , 314M Inconek and so on. We can do the maintenance , installation or repairing of the conveyer belt.

Mesh Belt

Material of MESH BELT
Various materials are used for MESH BELT according to use condition.
The coverage of main materials is as follows.
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